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Friday, August 10, 2012

River Distorter Strikes Again

The River Distorter has struck again with its multi-year propaganda campaign concerning anything related gas drilling.  If it can be spun, they spin it.  If it doesn't match the pre-set Fox News-like filter criteria, they can omit it.  In fact, what they don't choose to report is actually where they do the most harm.

Anyways, a letter to the editor boldly lumps me in with the 'fanatical pro-gas drillers' and typically they wouldn't allow something like this to run, but I guess they're mad cause I've been saying their newspaper isn't really a newspaper but actually a wholly- propagandist rag that has no regard for anything other than their righteousness. 

But just to clarify matters - I'm not a fanatical pro-gas guy, but it's pretty clear that if you aren't going to use the gas under our feet, and you continue your use of fossil fuels without alteration, then you are a 'pro-foreign energy' person - that's where the energy comes from duh.  I'm not sure why that simple piece of logical would get Laurie McFadden's panties all tied up in a knot and motivate her to write a mean libelous letter about me.

It really hurts my feelings.

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