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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Saugerties NY Houses for Sale (and under construction)

Farmhouse 21, aka Arts & Crafts 2, is located in Saugerties NY, where we are building our 3rd and 4th homes in that area since last July.

Here's the annual bed race below on a main downtown street, just below my apartment.

Then over to Old Sawmill Road where we have a 1600 sq ft 3 bedroom 2 bath home on 3 acres.

Defined on the outside by the stone and tapered columns, and on the inside with an open floor plan and a super cool space serving as the dining room.

Using some salvaged wood right inside the front door.

The man-shed back behind the house.

Lot's of work being done last week on this house, with most of the interior going from the insulation phase to the paint stage in less than 6 days.

Then next door on 3.5 acres is Barn VI.  This is a hot house, an iteration of Barn V which was such a head-turner.  This week is this houses turn to be fluffed and flattered and fretted over and fondled.

I figure the Craftsman will be done in Mid-September, and it's for sale.  And the Barn should be rounding the final corner here at the end of September as well.

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