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Friday, August 3, 2012

Taking Bets

 Well, just to make it real easy on those folks out there wish us harm and are always poking needles in Catskill Farms dolls, we went out and bought this real expensive, high-profile mailbox that catches your attention regardless of how distracted and driving you may be.

Below is our old big boy mailbox.

And here's our new one.

We've been taking bets on how long it would last before someone took a baseball bat to it, and have built up quite the kitty, with an under/over hovering around 30 days.  Gary over at Barn 3 has $20 on early September but I think it might fall before that.

Though, in all honesty, most of the nonsense we deal with up here in nowheresville comes from folks who would pee in their pants just thinking about doing something so 'crazy' so I tend to put my big money on a longer out date, hedged with a few dollars on tomorrow.  Of course it's not really fair that I can bait them like this, but hey, it is my blog, and it's also my mailbox (and my camera watching it).

So if you want in, let me know before it's too late.  $20 minimum, and you must provide an alibi if the mailbox falls on the date you predicted.

Happy weekend, a little humidity-free chill was in the air this morning. Hitting the links with the Jeff Bank prez and Senior Loan Officer in a few hours - first time out this year.

1 comment:

  1. I'm in for $20, before Labor day... lets say 8/31..... I also got another $10 on Bank Prez Jeff going round the links....... You work too hard and won't have the banker "swing".