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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wayne County Fair (or, Simple Country Fun

It's Fair season, and we happen to have a real good one real close over outside of Honesdale PA, celebrating its 150th yr.  Wayne County Fair with funnel cakes, cotton candy, sausage sandwiches and milkshakes.

Here's the Mayberry squad car, circa 1955.

And the quintessential fair stand above.

So I'm sitting on my porch Saturday morning killing some time before my 10am meeting with John and Sidney about building a home up near Catskill, and I realize I've ventured into some national geographic oasis of activity.  You really don't understand the foundation to some of those cliches out there until you experience them -

Take for instance, 'busy as a beehive' - jeez, as I was sitting there I was hearing this low drum murmur and after awhile I got up to check it out and christ there is this huge wasps nest right under the eave of my porch roof.  And there was a lot of activity around it ( and now I look out the window to see a turkey, its child, and a squirrel running around - and yesterday when I went to pick Lucas up, there was a deer in broad daylight standing in the front yard, all nonchalant-like - its absurd at times)

And then below it is this big ass spider web -

With a big ass spider -

And wouldn't you know it, a wasp gets caught in the web,

We it exhausts itself trying to break free...

and we can't forget about the robin's nest and 5 chirping babies...

and this is literally within a 10' foot area of my front porch.

So Wayne and George from the Bank and Eric from the Insurance company and I set out Friday afternoon for a round of gold at Woodloch Pines, quite a nice well-tended course.  We played for some money on the back 9.  I had a $45 exposure, and maxed that exposure out by the 18th, but then George and Wayne didn't collect (figure they already have enough of my money) which always makes me reflect on what's wrong with me, since I definitely would have collected if I was on top of the stroke/hole count.

Then Micah, son of Heather of Micro 4 fame and their french speaking friend from France and Lucas were out in the woods prior to going to the fair.

Then off to the fair, stopping first at the Poultry barn for some pedigreed roosters.  Don't believe the rumors that roosters just crow at the crack of dawn - from my experience, they crow all day long and they just get lucky that it coincides with morning time.

Lucas was doing the fair bare-chested.

Pigs in a Blanket.

Pig Pen.

3 shirtless boys hugging near the sheep barn.  Why, no one really knew.

2 cows resting.

Pig's Butt.

Goat and Sheep barn.

Llama area.  Learned that there are 2 types of llamas, defined by the genetic length of their hair.

Good rides for a small fair.  Lucas didn't meet the height requirement for most, though I argued his puffed out country curly hair put him over the limit.

Boys like their cars.

Not only great hats, but awesome license plates behind them.

Two dudes at the fair.

A sign that speaks for itself.

Poor puppies.  Seriously like 10 days of being manhandled by kids, dropped, squeezed, petted, pulled, etc...

3 boys and their dogs.

Back at home with Mr Big Hair (talk to his mom).

And the owner of Catskill Farms, way too sexy for his John Deere hat (I know, what an asshole!!)

Gotta get up early on Sunday, be in Bearsville outside of Woodstock by 11 to meet some prospective customers, then to Saugerties by 1 to meet some possible customers then back to my apartment I keep in Saugerties to watch the Bed Race down Partition Street, then meet up with the owner Coldwell Banker Village Green Realty for pizza around 5ish.  Got my deal closer Lucas in tow, so should be a real profitable Sunday afternoon.

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