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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Barn VI Takes Shape

Barn VI is moving right along up in Saugerties NY.  It sits on 3.5 quite lovely acres about 6 miles to Woodstock and Saugerties.  Good location for sure.

That's our new trailer to haul our stuff around.

And because we move so fast the picture below is already outdated.  The paint colors have been chosen and the painter is in the house, so to speak.

This 1600 sq ft 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a full basement goes for around $400k, depending on the features.

Paint, tile, fixtures, floor sanding and then another one wrapping up and another family getting to live large in one of our homes.

Hall from down the street who takes apart barns for a living sold us this red barn siding that we've been using on a few homes this fall.  Hot stuff for sure.

Lil' bit in the upstairs hall, an accent wall in the bedroom.

Open stair treads to keep the house open and the sight lines clear.

Starting 2 days ago I am officially on vacation for a few weeks (for whatever that is worth to a self-employed person).  4 days in Yosemite, and then 4 days in a convertible along California's Route 1.  See you on the side.

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