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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cottage 40 Sold in Bearsville NY

Nothing stops our progress.  Excuses are not in our vernacular.  Not weather, not unpredictable labor supplies, not bullshit unexpected hurdles like dumbasses doing dumbass things.  For 10 years we have plowed ahead, hitting our schedules precisely.  Over, under and through all hurdles.

And here's Cottage 40, sold to a young family with a small child.  A writer for one of the funny guys on TV late night.  Delivering their house, with barely a drama, right on schedule.  And it's a good one, especially when the sun hits it just right.

It's located in Bearsville NY, a hamlet within Woodstock NY.  Inspired by Cottage 36.

A good look at how we turn over our homes. - Finished, clean, with the grass growing and the appliances working.

One of my favorite lights - a simple goose neck barn light sconce.  With 1x10 pine siding, and stained 1x6 tongue and groove porch ceilings.

Coming in the front door, with the stairs to the left and fireplace straight away.

The home has 3 bedrooms, and 2 full baths.  It sits on 6 acres.

We've been using the Nest thermastat, which is a smart thermostat that learns and adapts to the usage in the home.

Handmade Barn door and radiator. Match made in heaven.

Salvaged beam, locally harvested stained pine railings and radiator.  Another match made in heaven.

Open the pearly gates for this shot - radiator, open treads staircase, local stone open mud room.  Early American stain throughout.

Modest galley kitchen, with some modular rolling carts and cabinets to finish it off.

Serious open shelf system in the kitchen.

1st floor bedroom with stained window trim, cast iron basement heat.

Nice sink is what I said when I saw this number.  It's got a retro old school rounded feel to it.

From the 2nd floor gang plank.  Pretty hot.

Bedroom 2.

Some soft light on the pimped out bathroom with claw foot tub and stand-alone shower.

And the biggest bedroom of the 3.

Floor to ceiling stone with a TV cabinet.

Screened in porch lording over the back yard.

Going down into the basement with our board and batten look.

And the huge basement, walk-out.

Stacked stone retaining wall.

Nice shot.

That's about a wrap.  Under $400k, under 6 months to build.


  1. each day i die a little bit inside when I don't wake up in one your farmhouses!

  2. As always, beautiful. The barn-door TV cover is genius.

    What color is the exterior? Thinking about re-cladding our abode in CT and that's the exact shade I've been looking for!

  3. Hi, just stumbled upon your blog and am in love. Do you mean this sold to the family for under 400K?