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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Barn VI is Sold

Here comes the storm, right?  Seems like a big one and we will see shortly.  What sucks about it is that I have 3 perfectly scheduled houses to finish up and close and another 3 to start and having a week of uncertainty and then the cleanup time post-storm, let's just say my money may be on the street a week or two longer, depending on what happens to the appliances deliveries, bank inspections, punchlists, subcontractor availability, etc...

Barn VI - a really great adaption of Barn V.  We used a vertical cedar siding, metal roof and what we call a 'horse rail' for the porch system.  Pretty sharp house.

I especially like this view of the large dining room windows and the back porch.

A very modern and traditional take on the barns we like.

The painting and carpentry crew on the last day of the job.

Kitchen with lots of symmetry.

Front door, open stairs, bath straight ahead hidden in a cove, and a bedroom off on the left, behind the front door.

All light, all the time.

Above and below are pictures of the first floor bath, with a sharp stainless steel vanity.

 Salvaged barn wood at the top of the open treaded stairs.

1st floor bedroom.

2nd floor foyer.

A  bedroom with salvaged wood and a hand built barn door.

And the 2nd floor bath with tub and shower.

And the 2nd bedroom.

 And Tito, pretty good guy who keeps our houses looking good.

Barn VI has left the building and will soon be a home.  Now we have Farm 19, Cottage 39 and Craftsman 2 to get closed before Thanksgiving.

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