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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Barn VI wrapping up.

Barn VI in Saugerties NY is nearing its completion, when every trade needs to make a visit for that appliances, the heat, the gas hook up, the range hook up, the punch list, etc...

It's always stormy before the calm.

 The living room above, the kitchen below - this home is 1600 sq ft, but when we build the 1300 sq footers, it can get real crowded in the house.


Back porch work, sharing the space with the plumber.

Lots of vehicles.

The vertical cedar tongue and groove going up nicely.

The Siding guy...

My new Prius I bought for our spray foam insulation business, where we travel a lot.  It's remarkable how much money a non-gas guzzler can save.

Cleaning tomorrow, painters in early next week, than the floor finisher for his final coat and then the final walk-thru.  Should be able to turn this baby over by month's end no prob.

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