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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Funny Stories

So I'm in South Beach Miami with my sister and Lucas at my swanky pad down here (all the single ladies take note) and Lucas was correcting my sister when she said we are 'going to Miami' and he said it's not your Ami, it's my Dad's Ami,  - ' we are going to My Ami lucas" I kept saying.  Super funny for sure.

Here's us above on the corner of 2nd and Washington waiting for the 25 cent South Beach Local to take us back to 10th and West at the Bay.

I love how people make our houses their homes.  Jeanne and Deb and now Kerry and probably a host of others are really on me to circle back once people are living in their homes for a few years and show the progress and evolution of country respite weekend living.

Here is Cottage 40 in Bearsville which we just sold a couple of weeks ago.  They are already making it a home, with the pumpkin, the welcome mat and the deck swing.  Congrats new Living Large folks.


It's what it is all about.  I think our biggest competitive advantage is the trust our clients have in us to understand their aspirations and also their concerns, and our ability to attack/solve them and address them.  With so much on the line, the ability to inspire trust is a asset that positions us enviably.  I know a lot of builders and realtors who may be able to sell you something, but the deal is done with a lot of skepticism and caution on the buyers' part.  

Our buyers jump in head first - unabashed - celebratory - behind closed doors gloating and self-congratulations on the level of achievement reached.

Our clients are talented, and successful.  And they put their trust in us to pave the way, write the roadmap, of their leisure. It's an incredible compliment.

So, at Craftsman II on Old Sawmill Road in Saugerties had a deal on it which fell through (kinda expected) and then a week or two later we got a great couple who work in film I believe who signed up and just love this fricking great house.

And here's there dog, doing a lot of heavy lifting sales for me.  Sure, see how happy I am, see this stick I found, see how I bound across the grassy green lawn.

And then 3 yr old Jasper, the son of some prospective clients, walked into Barn VI, and you know how honest kids can be.  Lil' Jasper walked in the back door and seriously without any prompting, walked in the door and said, most earnestly, "WOOOOOOW".

I mean, seriously, I might as well just leave it to the professionals - the dog and the boy.  Where else does honesty really exist?

And my writing perch tonight -blog post entry number 687. Eames original desk, chair and picnic art.

And the view from the room next door.

And the libations at 7.2%.

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