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Saturday, November 10, 2012

3 for November (and 3 new starts) (666th blog post)

Closings are always nice and it's actually a main reason we are in business.  In fact, it's one the things that separate our company from others in our line of work - we sell what we build - too often it just sits on the eager-eyed balance sheet of some poor sap who thought it's a good idea to go build houses that no one pre-signed up for.  

But that's how we make our livelihood, and we do it pretty well.

So like I was saying, we had a closing a couple of weeks ago, and now we got 3 more coming up.  I was noticing a lot of my website pics were WAY outdated, so I'm working hard bringing all the homes up to date.

Farm 19 is a winner - awesome floor plan, 10 acres, right outside Narrowsburg NY, selling for less than $400k.  Should have it wrapped up next week.

Then Cottage 39, inspired by our very first cottage back in the day, 2007.  It's on 5+ acres outside of Eldred NY.

As part of the deal, I agreed to put a screened porch on for them.  Everyone loves a screened porch.

Always crowded the last few days of the job.

Then, wallah, it's empty.

Here's a Cottage up in Woodstock NY.  This is pretty neat house, long on detail and modest in size.  Probably almost as much porch as house.

Here's a beauty - Farm 21 (fnaanc - "formerly known as arts and crafts).  No, I mean it, it's a beauty.

Nother pic of the casualty from the Storm.  Boy, if that doesn't loosen up the old bowels I don't know what would.

Have a nice weekend.  I noticed as I was writing this it will be my 666th blog post.

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