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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Farm 19 - SOLD

Like I was saying, we have a few closings this month - with another happening last Week.  This was the first time we built this version of this beauty and it turned out perfect.  

2 metro lawyers - one specializing in books, one focused on commercial real estate.

Regrettably, with the weather crappy I wasn't able to grab any final interior photos cause I guess the folks had a uhaul trailer with them at closing cause when I popped in the next morning, the place was partially furnished.

But, here's the narrative - 3 beds, one on the first floor, 2 full baths, 1600 sq ft, Narrowsburg, NY, 10 acres, under $400k.

Just a really great house, awesome floor plan, lots of perfect product and color selections - another for the Sold column.

Only real question as Lucas and get ready to head to southeast PA for the long holiday is which books on tape to listen to - I was listening to WAR about some soldiers in Afghanistan, which I think the movie Restrepo was based on, but that has too many swear words that Lucas now picks up on - so I'm town between a history of Genghis Khan or a history of the feud between Carnegie and Frick in the late 1800's after the infamous Homestead steel strike, named, Meet You in Hell.

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