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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Important pieces of paper

Building a house is tough.  Everything about it - finding the land, being sure the land is what you think it is, designing a house, selling that concept to someone, compiling all the info for the build permit, going through 6 months of trials and tribulations, inspections and appraisals, and finally reaching the finish line and needing that final piece of paper, the Certificate of Occupancy.

Now, imagine doing that in 6 different towns with 6 different processes and 6 different inspectors and 6 different set of rules, where the minorest infraction can set you back time and money bigtime.

 They are such innocent pieces of paper -

The unassuming building permit -
And the little more sexed up Certificate of Occupancy.  2 pieces of paper that mark the beginning and the end of the road of home building.

Had a closing yesterday on Farm 19, a closing tomorrow on Cottage 39 and Farm 21 next week or the next.

Breaking ground on now 4 new ones right after Thanksgiving.

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