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Thursday, November 8, 2012

River Reporter Loses an Election in its Backyard

It's always great to see a bully get their due, and no finer moment has been recently seen than on election day in Narrowsburg when Ned Lang defeated Andrea Reynosa (and the The River Reporter) for Town Council.  Like a stake through their lily-livered self-righteous, self-idolized hearts, Ned - the antithesis of the rabid my-way-or-the-highway attempted 'liberal' thought leaders of this small community - dealt a heavy blow to both the idea that you can fool all the people all the time and the idea that they (The River Distorter) are the only conduit to disseminate information.

With the help of their alarmingly shrinking weekly newspaper, The River Reporter tried to stack the deck in favor of their favored candidate - editorials, political influence, lack of coverage of Ned's continued and consistent contribution to the community.  And they lost.  The people - old, young, red, yellow black and white - rejected the baloney that passes for news in that paper.

I always love it when people underestimate the intelligence of their customer.  It's always a great opening for a competitor.

So, if you see a River Reporter, buy one - even if it's to get a fire started - especially during this holiday season when charity is at the forefront of your mind.

Below are some pictures of the community projects spearheaded by the Tusten Town Council, funded by our local assembly woman, trumpeted by our local paper and specifically spearheaded by the Council member Ned defeated.  It cost over $14,000 of taxes.  This is Narrowsburg's Community Garden, its defining taxpayer funded triumph.  It's very easy to mistake the good guys for the bad guys and the bad guys for the good guys.  Believe me, I was fooled for years.

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