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Monday, November 19, 2012

Saugerties, Lucas and Hudson

What a gorgeous weekend we just had up and down the Hudson Valley and beyond.  Lucas and I made the most of it, hitting Hunter, Saugerties and Hudson over the weekend before heading back through Woodstock and then Stone Ridge this morning.

That's me on the right, and that's actually a computer case not a fanny pack I'm carrying.

Here's a guy named Chad that it posted up in the tiny bathroom at Love Bites, a local hole in the wall restaurant in downtown Saugerties.

Here's Saugerties in the early morning hours.  My apartment up there gets great morning light.

Lucas cooling it after a long day of exploring in his glow in the dark skeleton shirt.

Saugerties has a great local independent bookstore on the corner of Partition and Main.  They got toys and books and every once in a while a yummy mummy.

 In Hudson, I picked up on an inadvertent orange theme that we have going - between his sweater, the bricks, his pants and paint.

Airplanes hanging from a wire.

It was a big weekend for my typewriter collection, finding two good ones in Hudson and then Joan who does the books and more found one at her parent's home in the Rockaways (which was badly damaged).  I've been collecting these bad boys since 1998, have about 30 of them.  Kind of annoying that now typewriters are hip, since it drives up the prices (used to be no one wanted them) and makes them harder to find.  My only rule is I can't buy them online - too easy.  Have to scout them out, or have them given to me (hint, hint, Xmas ideas!!)

Just minding my own business when I came across this common country scene.

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