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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tough Times

Driving along the road the other day home from Farm 20 which is coming along just fine with floors going down and interior doors and such, I drove by Cottage 14, finished and sold in January 2009.  Sharp looking house, sharper looking scary scarecrow out front.  

We suffered electrical outages and lack of internet and a lot of trees are down.  Here is the Corner in Eldred preparing for the storm.  NYSEG seemed to hit Narrowsburg and the Barryville areas first, which was really nice for me personally and for a lot of our clients who have homes there.

Here's a shot of Lucas's toys in the yard after the storm.

And a bunch of trees down and a porta john casualty at Cottage 39.  Glad no one was in there, but then again, if you are in a porta johnny during a hurricane, you probably have bigger things working against you.

Here's an ingenious rigged cord that Bryan over at Cottage 34 rigged up.  Take your standard generator, rig up a cord that plugs into your dryer outlet, turn off the main electric, and back feed the house's electric power needs with the portable generator.

During our 'no electric' days, I tackled a project long overdue.  Reorganizing my house plans.  Considering we are 100 homes and ten years into it, it's quite a few plans.

And the pictures on the walls tell the same story - lots of homes designed and built.

And the keys in the box tell much the same story - lots of homes under our belts.

Pretty serious out there.  We weren't much impacted until I started hearing stories about gas stations closing because the gas was being diverted elsewhere.

It's amazing how quickly things can go to shit.  What did it take - 5 days before panic and gas shortages set in?

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