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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Art Basel, Miami Beach

Okay, it's a dog's life but someone has to live it. I can definitely see why some coined the phrase Sunny Miami.

Unnamed sunbathers above, Mick Jagger below at a fun hotel which was decorated and designed to look at lot like a British colonial outpost.

Art Basel, Design Miami and dozens of smaller venues and fairs pretty much clarified in my mind any misperception I might have had of myself as a connoisseur and in-depth appreciator of art - of the 1000 pieces I have seen over the last few days, it's the rare piece of art that made any impact, impression or statement on me.  Some of the furniture was cool, but most of it is like a fashion show it seems, where the stuff on display are pure examples of an artistic/design approach that gets simplified as the piece or product gets mass-marketed.  I also think I like photography more than painting, though that's wholly true either.

This is a good down below, one where all the shy husbands of domineering european woman were being staged for photographic in front of.

It did remind me of the civil rights "I am a Man" photos and placards used during the Memphis garbage workers strike just prior to Martin Luther Kings assassination like the one here.

Here is some airplane art I guess, probably commenting on the same pretensions Tom Wolfe's new book about Miami covers.

Lego starfish, plywood chairs and a large ballon entrance into the design place.

Art on the beach.

Airstream Art.

Old school Miami Beach art deco unrenovated building  - not many of these left.

Convention center.

 Audi Race Car.

Lucas shoveling snow.

Road Trip.  He was begging to buy that Santa hat and I said fine, but since you already have one someone, if we buy it you have to wear it 24/7 till Christmas.

These busy weekends always end the same way - with him taking the big dive into snooze land.


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