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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Gift Distribution

Ok, so what if I'm in Miami, looking over the bay, with wispy clouds, far away jetliners, and soundless sailboats cruising the coast.  

Every year we at Catskill Farms come up with some sort of branded Christmas gift - one year was a cooking apron, one year an oven mitt, one year a baseball cap and this year a thermometer.  Like I said last post, or the post before, it's not as easy as it used to be - takes a serious commitment to get them ordered, bagged, delivered.

So here we are nearing the middle of January and I still have a bunch to still deliver.  It was fun to circle back to all homes as I deliver them, especially since they were newly covered with snow.  I come across all sorts of scenes of people enjoying their homes - be a snowman in the backyard, a new custom ax Bill got as a Christmas gift, a sled on the front porch, socks on the mudroom radiator.

Craftsman III in Barryville.

Barn VI in Saugerties.

Cottage 38 in Stone Ridge.

Barn V in Narrowsburg.

The Big Barn in Narrowsburg.

Farm 11 in Narrowsburg.

Farm 19 in Narrowsburg.

Cottage 21 in Barryville.

Cottage 35 in Narrowsburg.

Micro-Cottage 3 in Barryville.

Cottage 33 in Barryville.

Micro-Cottage 4 in Barryville.

Ranch V in Barryville.

Barn III in Barryville.

Cottage 29 in Barryville.

Cottage 14 in Yulan.

Cottage 7 in Yulan.

More to come.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the thermometer Chuck. It's very cool and colorful and will hang in a place of prominence at our home. Happy new year! (Sorry I am so late with this message!) Jeanne