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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Farm 20 - SOLD

Well, it wasn't that long ago that Michael and his soon to be new bride visited us looking for something upstate.  Before long we had them convinced we were the team for them, helped them located 25 acres, design a house, and now they are moving in (or possibly even have moved in).

1950 sq ft 3 bedroom home with a 2 car barn with a green house off to the side.  Some hot colors - I always call this red 'panty red'.

We cleared an acre of land and built these two classic structures.

You may remember Farm 11 the other year over in Narrowsburg - this home was inspired by that one, with some personal choices driving some changes in the floor plan and flow priorities.

Lots of good colors that accented the barn beams and cable rail.  4 panel shaker doors, black hardware, white radiator, sliding barn door and a jacobean stained floor.

Simple fireplace with lots of light.

Our famous barn door leading out into the mudroom.

Here's the main entrance door, off on the side, with a rad to dry the wet winter stinky socks and a stone floor to catch the muddy boots.

Seriously, who wouldn't love this mud room, out to the shelves and into the dining room and out to the deck.

Tito the magician getting it done in the kitchen.

Media room with lots of hi-tech wiring.  Great colors.

Going up in the 2nd floor with wood ceilings and cladded beams.  Another great shot of what's going on - beams, salvaged posts, rail, planks, rads and shaker doors.

Blue and pink rooms.

The 2nd floor shared bath is hot...

but this is the house of the POJAB - pimped out japanese awesome bath - I think that's what we named it anyways, and every house has a starting point, a focus of the dream.  Farm 11 started with the kitchen, Cottage 36 started with the bunk beds, Glasco Cottage really focused in on the porches and outdoor living - this one had an eye from the beginning on this bathroom, and in very few conversations we nailed the general idea and during the course of construction, we nailed the design and materials.

Here's the master bedroom, with the walkin closet and the 2nd floor deck out back.

That's me in the mirror - I just refound my orange hat so I'm pretty happy about that.

And looking out the upstairs window into a dreamy landscape and faraway thoughts about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in a Catskill Farms home.

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