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Sunday, March 3, 2013

53 f*&%^g degrees in Miami Beach

So, I'm in Miami Beach, so there is no reason to cry for me Argentina, but I have timed it uniquely perfect with a cold front coming in on Thursday, the day I arrived, and continuing on till Tuesday, the day I leave.  52 degrees this morning and I've been wearing the same sweat shirt for days.  Every one is walking around with sweaters right off the racks, with the store folds and hanger marks embedded on them.

Lucas below trying on my ski wear before our ski trip two weekends ago.

This is one difference between Miami Beach and Sullivan County - here I was just walking around minding my own business and came across this big model shoot party on the ocean right off Ocean Ave.  I'm sure I could find other differences if I tried hard enough.

And for all you Scarface fans, up there on the 3rd floor behind the blue bubble is the chain saw scene room.  Funny story about Scarface movie.

So, when I was like 16 or 17 I was dating a girl out of my league whose dad was a pretty straight and narrow Naval Academy grad who was raising 3 cute daughters.  So they humored me even though I was swimming in water above my head and asked me to bring over a movie we all could watch together on some Saturday night.  So I bring Scarface - I mean, within 30 minutes there were like 125 'fucks', that beautiful scene where tony's friend does the 'tongue thing' as a come on line to some muchacha, a chain saw scene, a murder and it was just getting started.  Totally inappropriate, and that was before it evolved into a cult classic - which in a way, validates my 'ahead of the times - ness' that I still deploy today.  

However, thinking back on it, at the time it was more like Taxi Driver, where the clueless DeNiro takes his date to the porn show.

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