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Friday, March 15, 2013

Barns and Garages

Here's the Garage I'm building at my house in Eldred NY, right on the border of Barryville.

2 cars, with an area on the side for cows, goats, horses, sheep or a lawnmower.  

It's also got an upstairs area for Lucas' future evolving needs - train sets, play area, a place to take girls (not), smoke a doobie (not), read study and tool around with a ham radio and taking apart computers, reciting Leaves of Grass to fellow high school sophomores, adorned with old school 2'x4' posters of Loni Andersen.  The potential is limitless.

Wide ribbed metal roof, vertical board and batton siding stained barn red (yes, seriously, that's the name).  Cross buck garage doors.  Sharp - and not too big, which was a worry.

Then we got the pole barn going at the office - our 4 structure there since we moved in in 2008.

Then we used a lot of our siding left over from several years of home builds -

this is the fun side below - if I would've thought it thru better, I would have put the fun colors on the public side.

Just big enough to store our materials and our tractor.  It's really turning into a farm, with lots of out buildings, etc...

Outbuildings are cool.  We build a lot of them.

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