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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Comment Thread

"I live in Eldred Ny, love my town and the people in it, but Chuck from catskill farms is a really mean, bad, lier..."

 onCatskill Farms hits the Small Screen - HGTV's Selling NY"

What I love about this comment - what is most symbolic of the writer and at times, the area-  is the mis-pelling of the word 'lier'.  What I also love about this comment - and believe me, a lot of people agree with the sentiment, is that it just must be really confusing as to why we continue to prosper and grow - and the reason is simple, we are straight shooters who suffer no fools (especially when they can get in the way of our basic business premise, which is to provide a drama-free seque into country living.)

It doesn't matter if it's Randy Florke, Steve Dubrovsky and myself,  success (no matter how modest or well-earned) and the tactics and tools required to achieve it, are unfamiliar to many in the area.

Client after client after client have come to see us, have built with us, have kickstarted a new chapter of living large with our facilitation - it's a rewarding way to earn a living, although there has been a campaign for years to discredit our achievement.

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