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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cottage 36 - Moved in Pics (and now for sale)

Cottage 36 is a hot house, which we finished up about 18 months ago.  Thing is, owners liked the process so much they want to do it again, this time only bigger.  I've often said, tongue in cheek like, that it's too bad you only get to typically build once in your life, since you learn so much along the way that would help the second time around.  These folks are taking me up on that assertion.

Cool house on 15 acres, selling for $439k, which is a good deal by anyone's calculations, considering how loaded this house is with upgrades and goodies.

Mudroom, with the bowling pin pic with salvaged wood frame that she gave him for some life marking event.  This is a fun little area of the home - with the salvaged wood, rad, bench, stone and elbow room.

The upstairs has a catwalk to the 2 bedrooms that allows this elevated vantage.

A lot of downhomeness here.  Super simple, restrained and classy.  You can't teach taste, and typically our clients have taste by the basketfull.

Eat in kitchen, that seques both onto the deck and the living room.

Couple of snazzy bedrooms with beds consistently made well enough to bounce a quarter off of.  Don't try that at home.

Spacious, low key, high impact baths.

The kids playhouse.  Far enough away from the house for noise muffling, but close enough to keep an eye on those damn kids.


And the old out door fireplace in the screened porch trick.

There's you got it.  I'm down in Miami Beach, gotta go run and get my hair cut.