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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Brunch Party Big Success

I don't typically get a 95% show up rate to my parties, but Sunday brought quite a few invitees out for a  brunch and badminton (without the badminton).

And what brunch party is complete without Cheese balls.

And Jello-Shots - I got to tell you, jello shots before noon really work in terms of that heightened experience, and in terms of forgetting to take any pictures of this good looking crowd of 30.

Decent spread, plus people brought all sorts of goodies like banana bread, wine, homemade peanut butter, cookies and more.  Seriously good.

Lucas gettin' his game on - 

The young daughter of my very first clients, who stopped by.

Teaching Lil' Luke the value of hard work.

Not having an experienced green thumb, I'm amazed at the speed at which sunflowers grow.  Hope to plant them out by my white picket fence.

Starting the morning wrastling a lion, while borrowing my new Nike badminton head band.

Power Ranger type thing with Will from Cottage 36 chasing in tow.

I thought I had invited a polite, sophisticated bunch, but judging by the trash in the flower bed move, I'm rethinking that.

And after the party ended, just the lonely old little tractor left alone in the yard.

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