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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NYC Baby

So, I had the city weekend planned for awhile, and jeez, from a weather perspective, what a great time to be there.  This was an interesting weekend weather-wise since it was super springy nippy, always wanting to go jacket-less, only to regret it pretty quickly.

So here's my son, Spidey, digging his 'letter' chicken nuggets, and watching something on the ipad, having it propped up in a fashion I've tried and failed many times.

And then the real thing in Times Square, where I was staying, at the W.

On the 50 block walk from Times Square to the Met, we saw some fun sights, including the zoo, this puppet show and lots of early fauna.  Like they say, love was in the air, in those optimistic spring romances.

Oh right, but that skips the fact that the night before we went to the Jazz at Lincoln Center at the Time Warner buildings - they were doing this "Kings of the Crescent City' (and for all you squares out there that means New Orleans") - so they did their louis armstrong, their jelly roll morton, and 2 others, in a 1920's style that consisted of 2 trumpets, a piano, a clarinet, drums, trombone, bass and banjo.  Super awesome 5 floor space and around the corner was the dizzy gillespie friday jazz supper club.

Afterwards, we hit a pretty international scene on the 4th floor where I spent some time pondering the idea of an $8.50 bud light.

From the Park, we hit the Met, which after a protracted discussion, ventured to not pay the $25 each recommended admission, bore the brunt of the disapproval, wondered if we were issued a different color (scarlet letter) indicating we didn't pay full recommended donation price, and really enjoyed the Civil War photography exhibition - many of the photos were familiar to me from the Ken Burns thing in the early 90's, which I remember watching religiously like a dork while at the University of Pittsburgh.

The Met.

I think I've posted this photo below of the security guys at the TriBeCa Film festival Gasland 2 premiere - but the more I look at it, the more compelling it becomes - tell me these guys aren't right out of Goodfellas, all diversely menacing, you got the irish guy, the black guy with shades, the old school italian.  It's frightening.  Now remember this show of force was in response to 6 people lobbing softball questions at Josh Fox and Yoko Ono.

Only in America do the liberals (which I am one) get to totally get it wrong and still stake claim to the high road.

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