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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The School House in Barryville.

The 3rd life of this important Barryville structure.

As a school, way back.

As a Church, later on.

And now as a small hotel, if the zoning and planning board thing goes good.

A very imaginative reuse and design of the space.

And a somewhat complex construction project.

By reclaiming the never used before 'attic space', adding some serious structure reinforcements, design a non-intrusive but good looking stair case, it was accomplished pretty successfully.

We had to cover up the ceiling wood to apply a code adhering 2 layers of sheetrock, which lightened up the space dramatically.

Used some big timbers for the stair systems.

Got to painting and lighting up the space.

The original school bell.

The painter.

The tile guy.

The Proprietor.

And the Man, in his Cuban Miami Party Shirt.

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