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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things to do - Weekend of 4/6

So maybe I'll start posting some things to do each weekend that I come across in my readings of local pubs and rags.

This weekend - in brief -

Some good Music at the Dancing Cat on Saturday in White Lake in Bethel.

FrackNation is getting an airing in Honesdale on Saturday and Sunday, with the director and writer taking questions (yes, I know, ignorance is bliss so why take a gander at the other viewpoint when living in fear and terror is easier).

The Cooperage in Honesdale is always fun.

Bethel Woods opens a big show of pictures of the 60's at the Museum which looked pretty good.

As I was perusing the weekend events I realized that sometime I undersell the activities available in Sullivan County on any given weekend.  I'm always talking up the main street activities of Ulster, but actually, Sullivan holds it own.

So that's all for now.  Next week will be more comprehensive.

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