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Monday, April 22, 2013

Gasland II Gestapo - TriBeCa Film Festival Bars Upstate Farmers from Seeing Gasland II.

 I've commented a few times about how it's hard to tell who the good guys are, but John Lennon must be rolling in his grave after Yoko Ono and Josh Fox participated in a gestapo like exercise in intimidation of some upstate farmers who came to see the Gasland II premiere and had the nerve to shout some questions at these 2 anti-domestic gas activists.  Considering Josh Fox has made his name protesting and Yoko Ono is best remembered for her protests with her husband, they probably are a little queasy (one would hope) about yesterdays development.

Here are the security goons that barred 5 upstate farmers (ticket holders) from seeing entering.

 Then the police came to control the 70 yr old woman and a few other AARP-qualified protesters.

There's the FrackNation film maker Phelim McAleer.

Josh and Yoko.

Tammi Rosen, Press person from TriBeCa film festival, put out an erroneous statement saying the show was sold out and thats why the farmers weren't allowed in.  Thing is Tammi, that's not true since I had already been in, and wasn't allowed back in due to the simple fact that I was filming the actions of the security goons.

A pretty astonishing thing to witness in NYC, that bastion of liberalism, free speech, and free expression.  For me, it perfectly sums up why I've never been able to embrace the anti-gas imposters and carpet-baggers who have used this issue to remind us that they exist.

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