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Sunday, May 12, 2013

'borne back ceaselessly into the past...'

2 blasts from the past over the weekend, which I spent in Hudson NY, in Columbia County.

The Great Gatsby is more popular than ever with the big splashy new rendition just coming out this weekend.  I caught it upstate, where my date was positive we should go an hour early to get tickets.    My experience of upstate movie viewing won out, we arrived on time, and were on of 8 to see it in the matinee time slot on Saturday.  I'm a big Fitzgerald fan - I like Gatsby, but his other works are compelling too - especially his self-portrait in the CrackUp.  I've been known to explore many a college library's F. Scott Fitzgerald section, meandering quietly in the tall stacks and rows of hardbound books.

Here's a Hudson photo.

Then my friend Shannon McNalley and the Smoke Signals were playing up in Hudson as well - actually, now that I remember it, she was the reason I planned the weekend up there.  I met her when she was graduating from F&M in Lancaster PA, where I'm from.  Any way, she has spent the last 20 yrs playing music, from one club, bar, arena to another.  It's an impressive display of commitment and she's good enough to become a overnight star one day.  Actually amazing to be that well-respected in your industry, know the right people, say the right thing and still barely make a living at it.

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