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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cottage 44 - Sold

Brrrr - it's cold up here in the Catskills for this Holiday Weekend - cold and rainy.  Will have to see how it plays out, but not looking good right now, though I have no problem lazin' around, cooling my heels, if that what the weather calls for.

We are super busy closing out 6 projects and starting 4 more.

Here's Thomas' Cottage in Saugerties NY - inspired by Matthew's Cottage 36 in Narrowsburg, and Miles' Cottage 40 in Woodstock.  Started in the Fall, Finished in the Spring.  Just like clockwork.

3 beds, 2 baths, 1450 sq ft.  6 acres.

Screened porch.

Some cable rail, rough hewn railing highlights.

The next generation POJAB - with a wet and dry area.

 These trough sinks are always a winner.

Guest Bath.

The Master bedroom.

And the shared kitchen, dining and living room of lore.

Painted black doors, which I thought was a great new look that we hadn't thought of before.  We just keep using those 3 chords to make new music, keeping it simple, keeping it real and keeping it creative.

Wood burner.

Outdoor party room.

A flashy entrance.


Stone wall for the new Owner to restack in his leisure.

And leaving him with the grass already growing.

Be it the cleaning person, the appraiser, the home inspector, the building inspector - we hear the same thing all the time - an exuberant "I could live here!" - coming from people who see homes all day long as part of their jobs, it's a good compliment.

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