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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Diverse Projects around Upstate

Saugerties Loft renovation going swell...

Nothing like cement sheetrock, - seriously, the sheetrock was made out of concrete.

One day it's there, 135 yrs of generational living...

the next day it's not....

Cottage 44 in Saugerties is hot.

Mt Tremper Modern House for Broadway.com editor.

Then the dig, and the footings were installed today.  Foundation later in the week. Framing not too long from now.

Cottage 43 in Livingston Manor.

Schoolhouse reinvention in Barryville coming to a close.

Just tagged our new spray foam insulation trailer with some graphics.

Some of the numerous barrels of foam we have sprayed on the way of building this business.

One can guess what happened next as I drove into my new garage with my fancy bike.

Cracked frame.

New bike.

Bike NY - 30,000 riders.

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