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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Loft Renovation - Saugerties NY

So, a multigenerational furniture business which owns, and has owned, a large corner building where they have hawked their wares for decades has collaborated with us on a design of the rear living loft portion of the block long building.  Interestingly, many generations of this family have at one time or another lived in this 1500 sq ft 2nd floor loft.  Now, we are redoing it, Catskill Farms style - a little old, a little new and  lot of pizazz.

I keep a little apartment in Saugerties, right around the corner.   A little love nest, you may say (though to be honest, it hasn't seen any female callers except for cleaning company lady).

Its a super cool and historic building.

Pretty old school interior that has seen lots of kids raised and general good-natured overcrowding and limited bathroom quarrels.

The blues...

Super good looking mint green drop ceiling and wall paper.

We're keeping that beadboard door.

I liked this yellow print long hallway - it caught a lot of sun and was a good color for it.  Alas, by the time you read this it will be no more.

The living room.

Hot red bedroom.

The Kids room.

Should be fun  - and of course like every renovation unexpected things happen - but not usually so quick - we started demo and the sheetrock on the interior walls was partially made of concrete, for chrissakes.

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