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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3 Closings in the next 7 days.

Pretty serious stuff around here - with Farm 23, Cottage 43 and Mid Century 6 all closing in the next 5 days, god willing.

This mean prehistoric snapping turtle crawled out of my pond - he'd take your toe right off.

And speaking of ponds, I took my first dip in my pond that I built 2 years ago.  Right off the big rock into 14' of water.   Cold and I smelt like a pond for awhile.

That's me on the right, James my project manager on the left, and Bronson "Big Guy' Bigelow in the center.  We just finished converting a 150 yr old schoolhouse into a 2 room inn for him and his wife to run in their idle hours.

Here's Tito, our painter, illuminated in a churchly sunlit glow.

And Farm 23, which sells on Friday.

And Lucas checking out the new digs inside.

I was in the city on Monday night and boy was it fucking nasty out - windy and rainy and just spooky nasty.

But the upgrade didn't hurt my feelings.

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