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Friday, June 7, 2013

No Brainer

Bill Would Sweeten Loans for Energy-Efficient Homes - NYTimes

 Good article (clickable) about forward looking ways to enhance the performance of the housing stock - they say like a third of all energy is consumed producing heating and cooling for homes, so any advance in conserving energy in that front actually has a direct impact reducing the country's energy footprint.  Homes by default are literally double the efficiency they were 6 yrs ago before the green movement, but they could easily double again with the uniform adoption of enhanced insulation, and then measuring the post-construction performance of a home.  Spray Foam insulation literally measures 4 times more effective than fiberglass batt insulation, and twice as effective as NY State Energy Star - it's serious stuff.

Catskill Farms has been using spray foam insulation as a standard since 2008.  We actually won't work with clients who balk at the expense  because it's such a no-brainer, and the payback in comfort and costs is immediate.  Using fiberglass insulation is like using a typewriter instead of a computer, carbon paper instead of a copier, leaded instead of unleaded gas, Polaroid over digital photography - everytime I see that crap fiberglass insulation being used everywhere in a home, I know that homeowner either made a bad decision, or wasn't educated by their builder and/or architect.

In 2009, my cohort James and I started a spray foam company, www.ecotechsprayfoam.com so we could afford to give all of our clients in the Hudson Valley the benefit of this product - 4 yrs later we have sprayed over $2million dollars of basements, attics, crawlspaces, retrofits and new homes.
 Once the laws and building codes measure energy efficiency in a home correctly - measuring it's real performance, not in artificial factory conditions - once that political fight is won, homes will become dramatically more efficient.





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