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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ranch VII Sold - Barryville NY Real Estate

It's a complex challenge to manage and juggle 8 projects at a time, especially when they overlap at the back end (that's what she said), and closing on 4 homes and finishing up construction on the Schoolhouse and Farm 20 and Glasco Cottage and starting the Saugerties Loft, and preconstruction activities on 5 new projects - let's just say the intracacies of that type of precise scheduling and execution can be intense.  Then spread it over a 120 mile area, and sprinkle in the typical personality of our typical accomplished client, and one can quickly see there's no faking it here.

Ranch VII is a great story of two guys (broadway dancers I think) planning for years to make this country sojourn happen - prioritizing, budgeting, planning, waiting - and now, here it is.  Done, complete, all hazards navigated.

The Carport.  The vertical metal siding defines this exterior.

This home is a spin-off of Ranch V and VI on a great wooded 5 acre expanse a stone's throw from Barryville and the Delaware River.

Brought the metal siding idea inside as well, which I thought was a great idea.

No trouble getting the cooking and entertaining done in this setup.

One of the well-windowed bedrooms.

Very dwell and country living without even trying.

The lower level.

Outdoor living all around.

Here's one of our Mini-Cottages being resold (after marriage and twins) and going into a deal, which I always love to see.

And Lucas got 'stinged' by a bee at Circle Park, just about the cheek bone in that real fleshy ouchy area of tissue.  Tough kid.

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