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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Suggestion I - Low Water Pressure - Clean/Replace Water Filters

With 100 homes out there, and lots of customers, some living in there homes almost a decade now, we have a lot of opportunity to hear feedback of all sorts about what works, what doesn't and how to make the whole homeownership thing a little more straightforward.

Today's suggestion - 

Question - What could be some reasons my water pressure has decreased over the past year?

Answer - More times than not, the cause of a decrease of water pressure has to do with the filters being clogged in the individual faucets and the whole house filter that we are now installing in the basements.  Both could be part of a regular maintenance program with the house - like checking batteries on smoke detectors, repainting porch railings/spindles as needed (and before they reach the point of no return).

The filters at the faucets can be removed with a simple cloth (to protect the finish) and wrench, and the whole house filter is pretty straight-forward as well, or can be demonstrated by James, who has a great stage routine down for this demonstration, and reminds me a lot of the flight attendant show of how to use the oxygen masks and debark a plane in an emergency.

It's funny how a small thing like a clogged filter can really affect the pressure of water in a house. And with upstate wells being nothing more than an 8" hole drilled hundreds of feet into the earth through all the sub-strata like clay, rock, etc..., it's easy to see the potential for particles to make their way to your faucet or filters.

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