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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vaca - Idaho and Montana

My nephews, 18 and 15 respectively, and my son, 4 1/2, took a plane and road trip out to the Pacific Northwest.

Here's our best Abbey Road pose in Missoula Montana.

From Boise.

Up the road 5 hrs...

To a layover in Lewiston (get it, lewis and clark, on the Washington side there is a Clarkston).  What I like about the Lewiston pic is there is a dialysis center, a payday loan shop, a pawn shop and 3 fast food restaurants all in one pic frame.

Only in America.

 2 hrs more to Couer d'alene, an oasis in northwest Idaho, about 40 miles east of Spokane.  Awesome lake town.

Our room.

Boat ride to golfing.

Tough course.

Lucas with the crazy hair picking up chicks.

3 hrs east over the Continental Divide to Missoula MT.


3 hrs south to Wisdom MT where my college room-mate's law partner keeps a 1000 acre ranch.

Shooting guns off the porch.

And atv'ing among the cattle herds and wild horse packs.

3 hours South to Idaho Falls, Idaho, where Lucas is carrying his own weight for once.

 Total mileage back in Boise.

Cockpit visit.

Back at home.  (actually this picture is from the first night at a hotel in Philly before we took off.  Lucas had successfully set the alarm, unbeknownest to us.  So it sounded a few times in the middle of the night before we figured out what was going on).

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