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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Brrr, Early Chilly Weather

August typically catches us by surprise each year, with the singular mid-august leaf changing color and dropping here and there.  And temps typically dip into the 40's once or twice just to remind us what's around the corner before a standard warm up again.  This time of year, the temps can swing from 40 degrees at night to 80 during the day - it's typically the time of year I lose a ton of clothes as I layer up in the morning, and peel off during the day at the multiple locations I'm need at.  Then I'll see one of my guys wearing it two weeks later and he'll be like, "what, this, naw, my mom got it for me last Christmas.'

NY Times wrote the area up a few time last week -

One article about upstate foodie restaurants which mentioned the Heron in Narrowsburg, and the other about reinventing the old bungalow colonies as getaway coops (with the writer mentioning that no fresh food can be found).  Back when we did our big Selling NY spot, we highlighted the Heron on national television, but they were so embarrassed to be associated with our anti-local establishment politics that they didn't even mention it.  Whatever, history shows us over and over, if it shows us anything, how common and even profitable it is to go with the flow, culturally, politically, etc...  I kinda view that homogeneousness as a prison of sorts, especially around the predictable view points of your typical ex-pat, up-here-awhile New Yorker - considering the success we've had being non-conformist in our business strategies, I can't say I regret giving up a few friends for some out of the box thinking.

Think Different.  Didn't some company brand that?

  I'm super happy for the Heron, and for Narrowsburg in general, a great little success story in Sullivan County, one that definitely benefited from our 100 homes and homeowners.  I always show off that Town when I can, and am super impressed with the longevity of some of those Main Street businesses.  There's not a shop upstate that can compete with our own River Gallery for taste, inventory and service.

The Heron is an interesting case study because it shows how important and tide-changing a restaurant can be to a small main street - it drives traffic, undeniably.  And they succeed because they hit the niche right - the vibe, the food, the location, the prices.  I've said often over the years that business opportunities exist for niche ideas with good follow through and good execution and constant improvement and consistent service.

I think this is the 3rd straight weekend of super awesome weather.

David Cross is shooting a movie up here in Eldred and Liberty.

Pig Mountain next week in Narrowsburg.

Catskill Farms has invested and reinvested $40,000,000 in the area.

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