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Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Construction and Design Projects

Saugerties Loft Conversion.  Nearly complete.

Cottage 45 in Barryville revving its engine...

Barn VII in Barryville kickin' it...

Great shot of Cottage 44 in Saugerties the other day - the sun accenting the reds and cedars.

Mini- Barn in Barryville coming out of the ground - this "I'm so cool' little barn house will be priced under $200k, maybe under $175k, depending on how the stars line up.

Modern VII in Mt Tremper is 40 days from finish.

Farm 24 one mile outside of Woodstock NY is shaping up nice.  This 3 bed, 2 bath home on 6.2 acres is for sale for $500k +/- (hey, what's half a mil between friends?).

Sort of a busy weekend, with a pre-pig mountain party at the Big Barn, then Pig Mountain, in Narrowsburg, then a Post Party at the Shack.  A house tour on Sat and Sun with prospective clients.  At least I got the blog post done.

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