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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saugerties Loft Completed - Saugerties NY Real Estate

Up in Saugerties there is a family with 3 generations or more working in the furniture business, and generation after generation, living above the furniture on the 2nd floor.  For the first time in a long time, that space is now not only convenient, but awesomely modern.  Jonathan, the son of the owner, is a real hard-ass - and he was happy to report that he, his young wife and 1.5 yr old greatly enjoyed their first 3 nights in the space last week.

The Kitchen.

The block-long 1800's building.  Someone told me that most funeral homes back in the day doubled as furniture stores because coffin making was a consistent source of business and cash flow.

Pre-renovation below.

Post-renovation.  I think it took us 4 months and Jonathan is spending all his time astounding all project inquirers with yawns of non-drama timeliness and accountability.

Pantry to the right on the sliding track, bath off to the right.

The Bath.


Previous Space commandeered for the new bath.

One of the existing bedrooms - with great paint, bad carpet.  We went to demo this place and the frickin' ancient plaster was literally made out of thin concrete.   Really hard heavy work.

New rooms, with great paint, classic wainscoting, and some original exposed brick.

The new library, which will rock with a rug, some good Dickens selections, and some comfy chairs.

And the Master bedroom.  I think the ceiling are 12'.

The entrance way was reinvented, using the original steps, but using our wildest imagination of reclaimed white washed wood, black stair treads, white stair risers and a new twist with the galvanized hand rail system.

What modern loft would be complete without the cable rail accent.

The demo, and tons and tons of debris, literally.

Good bye torquiest toilet.

Framing that hasn't the light of day since the 1800's...

New partitions...

And wallah -

And the other end of the block, the back side of the building...

Between this and the Barryville Schoolhouse, we have done some serious design and build work this year.  These jobs couldn't have been more complicated, demanding and successful.

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