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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Builder's Tip - Winter Check Up

Houses are made up of systems, and just like a car, these systems have optimal performance settings that naturally need adjusted over time.  Be it air in the radiators, filters on water heaters or furnaces, screens on taps and faucets, settings on the furnace and hot water heaters, antifreeze efficiency in the heating lines, etc... - non-optimal settings can result in a lot of wasted propane use, or less than optimal water pressure in that favorite Sunday Morning Shower for Two with a bloody mary half drunk on vanity, and even at the far extreme, a bit of danger since there is some combustion involved in these processes.

So we are offering a full tuneup - actually our plumber is - come to your house and follow a yearly checklist - it will be under our supervision so he actually completes the tasks thoroughly.

Sign up today.  We think the charge will be around $300, plus any materials.

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