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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Random Journeys around the area.

The Narrowsburg Pig Mountain thingee was a huge success with a lot of people complaining 'it was too crowded' - believe me, for a Sullivan County event that is one problem that more event organizers wish they had for sure.  And honestly, an easy one to fix.  

In a way, they used a marketing trick right out of my book - flood the zone with savvy outreach, press,  and marketing like the event is much bigger - cast the net wide and deep, spend some bucks, hit the right platforms and mediums - in essence, do it right, not some half-assed typical thing we always see.

Here's my clients Jim and Mark at the Heron with their two new babies.

Lucas playing with his friend and classmate Freddie.

Doing some chores, without complaint.

Homeowner poker chips with their house emblazoned on them.

Saugerties at night.  I always like to say Saugerties looks like an instagram photo without the need for the app.

Now, I spent a lot time of nursing a lot of sunflowers this Spring and summer.  Lucas and I planted them inside to get them started, and they grew like an inch a week.  I had to keep changing out the 'splints' they were tied to so they would grow straight, and that was somewhat annoying since I'm a busy guy and thought I had invested enough time getting them planted to begin with.

Then I transplanted them outside where they grew like crazy and I had to build bigger splints, etc...

Here's an example of one of the 3 that survived, out of like 60.

this is what happened to most of them - the damn deer got 'em.

Thing about this, is that it was a high profile debacle, right on the road in front of my house - I'm sure a lot travelers on that road got a kick out my struggles.

And then these damn flowers grew every way but up...

Lucas and his sunflower friend...

Dumb bear tore down my 4 yr old pear tree - I mean, there was zero need to break it in order to get the fruit - it was just mean spirited if you ask me.

Pig Mountain day we had a pre-party and a post-party, the pre party at the Big Barn over in Narrowsburg.   He had some fine afternoon champagne which lit my wick for a while.

The Owner.

Master Bedroom.

Wine Room.

Dog, Ax, BB gun...

His Mailbox out front keeping it real.

 Ohayo Mt Rd Farmhouse 24 that is for sale (but maybe not for long).

Wednesday Pizza at El Costellos in Barryville.

 Lucas does the moon... (note the embarrassing sunflower stubs behind him)

Good look, I think.

Heading into the City for the West Indian Parade in Brooklyn over Labor Day.

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