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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Health Insurance

There is nothing more exciting than the prospect of universal health care.

Down in the trenches, where people are working hard, not to be able to afford or attain health insurance, to have your entire life revolve around health insurance decisions, to be an emergency room visit away from being broke.  it's just not human.

These are things we see everyday in our business, and regardless of the rhetoric where a person like me - making dough, small business, dozen employees. I was so supposed to be the poster child for understanding the horrors of this law and tax increase - it would drive me out of business, it would disincentivize my work ethic - that I, as a small businessperson . would be automatically and staunchly opposed on economic and fairness grounds.- it's just not true.

Oh contraire, to me it's a beautiful thing - almost godly, for the impact it will have on real lives, right away.  To free modest-living folks in the richest country in the world from lack of health care insanity and fear and life-style and job choice chains, that new freedom seems to me unassailable in it's profound fairness.

I will gladly contribute to that effort, to help achieve universally, what I couldn't supply to deserving employees individually.

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