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Friday, October 18, 2013

Last Hurrah on the Golf Course

I don't play a lot of golf, but I try to get out once or twice a year and one of those times is nearly always with George and Wayne at Jeff Bank, and typically Eric, Owner of Nest Home Concierge business (and insurance).

The summer nearly slipped by us, but then this 8 weeks of super awesome fall weather gave us another chance, and we took it.  Considering Sullivan County is dramatically beautiful, and can really show off during the autumn transition, and the Villa Roma course outside of Jeffersonville in the Beechwoods is quite nice, it all added up to ranking up there pretty high on the awesomeness scale.

George, Senior Loan Officer at Jeff Bank, at the T.

Eric about to muff one (coincidental use of Muff twice this month).  Note they are wearing the same shoes!

Wayne, President of the Bank, zeroing in a par from the fringe.

I forget what was happening here, - I think a dirty joke or something...

That's it - then the clubs, and shoes and other assorted golf sundries were retired to the back of the closet until next season.

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