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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday Musings

In Saugerties I dropped off a winter muff hat (yes I said muff) with a furry flip front and furry flip ears coverings.  It was a favorite for multiple reasons - it was stylish, he was like one yr old, it really kept him warm and it was a gift from Jeanne and Deb over at Cottage 14 (celebrating their 5th anniversary in the home in 2014).

So I dropped off the muff hat in a large black bag and a couple of weeks later it was 'in the window', paired with this red bear and convict racoon.  Sort of sad to see it in the window all 'toy story-like' but I'm sure it was picked up quick.

On my evening stroll to the Saugerties Light House, a 1/2 mile sandy narrow trail out into the Hudson.  Ending one of my tri-county sojourns of job site visits and management.

And on the way back the Church from 1860.

And Saugerties, the Original Instagram Town.

 Ranch VI on a Sunny Late September afternoon in Barryville, NY.

Always love to see the furnished.

A new gut renovation in Port Ewen along the Hudson River to meet the men doing the demolition.

Farm 24 in Woodstock NY to meet the sheetrockers.  We will be painting that before too long.

Then off to the building inspector's office in Woodstock to get submit all the paperwork for the Certificate of Occupancy for the Mt Tremper modern job.

...where I had stopped early to meet the cleaners and the carpenters.

Then over to Stone Ridge to meet the excavators and concrete folks for the footing design on the Stone Ridge Farmhouse we are just starting.

Barryville NY Cottage 45 has a lot of exterior action...

And over at Barn VII the interior is wrapping up with the painter working his magic.

Then over the Rhinebeck to check out some building lots for our cross-hudson expansion. Hello Houty Touty.

A stop at Macy's for some fall additions to my wardrobe...

I've always wanted to be able to tell a tree by its leaf, and here's a start.

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