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Saturday, November 2, 2013

And on a similar note...

(my writing desk)

So, as you may have noticed over the years, the blog for me is not only a tool to communicate and market, but it's also a tool to figure stuff out when it goes off track - since it is public and as I work my way through my rationale and reasoning I'm forced to discard easy self-rationalization and easy one-sided conclusions, since lord knows my comment box and email would blow up with alternate points of view to consider.  The truth takes time, and takes effort.  And writing is an introspective process.

And since probably the most important attribute a business person can have is the ability to 'get to the bottom' of an issue, quickly, concisely, and accurately - misdiagnosis is perilous,-  and in the difference between accurate situational analysis and inaccurate analysis lies the difference between success and failure - With resources always scarce, drone-like accuracy in problem solving is paramount.

Anyways. not the point of my post - my point is to add to what I said a few days back about protecting our clients from the war that is buying land, designing/building homes etc...  I think I may have said what I wanted to say in vague and literally language when really it couldn't be more simple -

Our business model revolves around 1 thing - protecting our clients from the retarded, self-defeating, nose-off-your-face spiteing, counterproductive, moronic, for no-good-reason, asinine, disloyal, alien-like actions of a fair amount of people we deal with in order to get these homes built in - for the most part- economically-distressed areas.  For the most part, we surround ourselves with the A team, but that does not in any way lessen the focus of our antenna on identifying and outmaneuvering the next desperate act of of self-defeating, project-distraction.

Basically, we've seen it so much that while some times it has the ability to still shock (like the recent Jeff Meola treachery), most times we are seeing it come long before the person actually even has the angry logic fully formulated in their heads.

So I guess that's my point - we communicate well with our clients, - be it the good, the bad or the ugly. So whether it's a good, bad, or frustrating conversation - at least there is comfort to be had knowing that we are jousting with the same language, in the same universe.

That is not true as we filter the project plans down through the ranks.  And being introduced to that new universe is a lot easier to deal with when you are ordering firewood than when you are spending $300k on a new house.

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