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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Miami Beach

So, I was on my way home from sending back UPS-like the sales closing papers for Barn 7, that is all done and ready for the new owners, and at the same time taking advantage of their Notary Public services to have my affidavit and lawsuit against Jeff Meola and Chris Ryan notarized and faxed back so they can have a pleasant weekend contemplating the destruction and retribution I shall levy on them, and so it was getting late and I'm tooling around on my new bike cruiser and came across the beginning of the Miami Beach HS Homecoming football game in Flamingo Park (yes, the same park in which I'm taking tennis lessons from a real mean no nonsense bastard).

You're not gonna believe this - guess what the school sports team's name is -

The High Tides.  Yep.  The High Tides.  I thought that was great.

The new beach bike, fully outfitted-

Carrying rack with mesh net with flashing back light-

Krypton lock with water bottle...

Nother place to store things.

Front light and odometer.

My new old school Wilson getup for the courts.

And the beach.

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