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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nest - Property Services

My friend Eric, who runs the go-to local insurance shop that insures pretty much anything one could need insured, also runs (along with his wife and full-time employee) a property services company named Nest.  I think it's a good addition to the local services landscape, one that seems logical and needed and we've invited them to advertise on our website (first ever) and give our clients a shot.

Offering pretty much the gamut from a fully managed property including house check-ups and responsibility for all day to day needs of a house, to one-off tasks such as firewood delivery (and stacking, hopefully), room painting, snow plowing, house checkin's during long absences, etc…

Like any company we refer (and there aren't many), we recommend trying them out on smaller projects and see if they meet expectations and take it from there.  With our homes being modest in size, I believe the value lies less in full-time, whole house management, than with the 'go to guy, one-stop shop' for your country's house many one-off needs - be it lawn care, snow plow, firewood, chimney cleaning, furnace maintenance, power washing, exterior painting, landscaping facilitation.  One call, wallah, taken care of (at least that's the what the marketing asserts).

We've been asked many times to do this job, but we just don't have the resources (emotional or time) to tackle the smallest of projects and to be honest, we have surprisingly found our clients and companies like Nest have better resources the smaller the project becomes.

Nest - Maybe it's something you've been thinking about.

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