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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Projects

Stone Ridge Farmhouse ion 20+ acres- 2200 sq ft plus a finished basement.

Olivebridge NY 2100 sq ft  Barn 9 on 5 acres rising beside this Old Heifer ('who's calling me old?' "Actually, who's calling me a heifer?")

Hudson River Modern Rehab

1390 sq ft Cottage 45 in Barryville.

Barn VII, 1750 sq ft,  in Barryville closing tomorrow.

Mini Barn in Barryville - all 720 sq ft of it.

1800 sq ft Farm 24 in Woodstock NY.

Then we got Cottage 46 starting in December in Rhinebeck.

And Cottage 47 starting in Narrowsburg in November.

And Barn 10 starting in Narrowsburg in December, unspoken for.

That's a lot of construction.


  1. Where will 'Cottage 46 starting in December in Rhinebeck' be?.

  2. Cottage 47 - a new expanded version of Cottage 44/40/36 - will be the Rhinebeck home.

    Cottage 46 is going to be in Narrowsburg NY.