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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Roll Tears Roll

30 yrs from now, people will be asking where you were during the Auburn (#4) and Alabama (#1) game of 2013.

I was sitting with my nephew in a medium-sized family restaurant with busy bar named The Scoreboard, in Bloomsburg in the middle of Pennsylvania (yes, PA still exists even though they have fracking) watching the most roller coaster, up and down, bizarre exciting endings  of a football game. Period.

I'm not even a huge football fan but was hanging with the 17 yr old, and rarely watch a game through to the end, regardless of how tight the score.  But this jaw-dropped and stunned wide eyed crowds - both for and against - motionless they stood as grasped for the right way to feel.

It'll be like when Kennedy was shot and everyone remembers where they were.  It was that type of game.

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