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Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Fore dark, Sunday Eve'"

So it's Sunday afternoon, about a hour 'fore dark - and once again Nina Simone is caressing the early winter's light with Since I Feel for You - it's so bad, its too bad, it's so sad, I'm in love with you.  You love me, and you snug me, but what can I do, I'm still in love with youuuuuus, ahhhhoohhh, guess I'll neeeeevvvvvver see the lights, I get the bluuuuuuuuuuues 'most every night, since I fell for you……uuuuuuu…

'yooouuuuuu, made me leave my happy home, you took my loving' and now you gone, since I feel in love for you…..

'looooovvvveeee brings such misery and pain, guess I'll never beeee the same, since i feel in love with you……."

and it was fun day of wondering the woods with, respectively, jaime, Ben and Brian, and Leela.   It was coooolllll and windy and with a quarter inch of snow on the ground all the notice one needs to be forewarned.  Not the type of weather to linger unprepared.  But squirreled away a beer and a turkey chili at a friends talking about a swap his neighbor and he did, which bartered friendship and firewood for a clean scene of the nightly Narrowsburg sunset diorama.

And then my firewood delivery came - and after 2 days of phone calls and scheduling - I can say, whoever the fuck this guy is, he's awesome.  I mean, he's awesome.  

From me randomly finding this trailer for $180 delivered - and I kept calling 800-delivered like some dumb schmuck.

And the guy's girl answers the phone and actually gets him the message and can you believe it he actually calls back within an hour - 

and after a phone call more takes down my address right the first time and is on his way.

And he takes instructions well, and backs his non-dump truck to my porch, he is nothing but country,   courteous, and hard-working.

And he backs up, pushes it off by hand, comments on my big wood pile to the north of my barn, takes my money, doesn't talk to0 much, pulls out of my drive with an enjoyment of that task, and leaves me with a profound feeling of what it's all about.

Whoever that masked wood delivery guy was, I Salute You.

Granted - 2 Johnny Walker Blacks, still another 25 minutes 'fore dark, I write my Sister - 

"Thank you for Calling
I Miss you.
Look forward to seeing you real bad.
Love you."

And when you hit the note, you know it.
(and it's not even dark completely)

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  1. O Charlie.....Thats my ...Son...talk about ...Awesome....Love you